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October 31, 2008

Why Hire an Independent Door Hardware Consultant?

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Posted by Jon Thomasson at 9:36 am

Independent Consultant (FHT)

Vendor Consultant

Agreement Type

A written legal contract between the consultant and the architect. (Note that sometimes we are contracted directly by the building owner.) The consultant becomes an official member of the design team.

Non-binding verbal agreement.


Liability, errors and omissions.

Typically none.

Financial Motivation

Seeks to perform well for client so as to earn future business.

Seeks to gain maximum commission from hardware manufacturer.

Product Selection

Competitive specification written with products trusted by the consultant and meeting the project’s functional, aesthetic and durability requirements. Owner’s and architect’s preferences are respected and integrated into specification.

Proprietary specification in represented products. Because products are limited to specific brands, project requirements often receive secondary consideration. Higher cost products are often specified (thus generating higher commissions).

Cost to Owner

Slightly increased design costs. Lower build costs due to competitive specification and appropriate products.

Slightly decreased design costs. Higher build costs due to proprietary specification and, in many cases, inappropriate or excessively-costly products.

Design Fees

Set fees agreed to in contract. The hardware consultant fees are typically the least of all consultants on the project.

Free. The hardware manufacturers pay the salary of the representative.

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